When starting a relationship with any financial institution or service provider you should do your research.


To assist you here are some things that BillMerge is NOT

We are not financial advisors.

We do not provide individual financial advice or guidance.

We don’t deal with debt repayments.

If you are having financial difficulties due to high debt levels BillMerge may not be for you. We do not pay down personal loans, home loans or credit card repayments.

We are hands off.

BillMerge does not need to know your overall financial position. Actually we require very few financial details in order to start an account.

We are not your total personal finance solution.

Your personal financial management should not begin and end with BillMerge.

We don’t subscribe to one particular financial management system.

There are many out there, some great, some OK and a few that are downright terrible, but everybody has their own set of unique circumstances so there is no one-size-fits-all system.

We are not here warn you about credit cards.

…and other financial services out there. We believe the best person to manage your money is you.

We are not financial paramedics.

If you are in serious financial trouble and need help you should call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 who can speak to you or set up an appointment with a community based, not-for-profit financial counsellor. They are free, qualified and confidential. Remember no matter how bad your situation is it can be sorted out!