1. Fill out your budget planner on the GET STARTED page.
  2. A BillMerge consultant will call you within 2 business days to verify and complete the account set up, as well as select a commencement date.
  3. Your new BillMerge email account and cloud-based file server will be activated and you will receive the account details via email.

A BillMerge account subscription costs $5.00 a week which is included by default (top line) on your Budget Planner.

It is completely free to use the BillMerge budget form to work out your own budget.

No, BillMerge does not pay off credit cards.

It is common for bills to have different payment options. By default BillMerge will always pay the lowest cost option which is mostly the annual option. If a discount is given for an early payment BillMerge will always take advantage of that to ensure you get the best saving possible.

During your account set up we open a dedicated ‘bills’ email account. You then forward all bills and correspondence to this email. We highly recommend you contact all your service providers and re-direct all correspondence to this new email address. You and your BillMerge consultant have access to this email. If you cancel your BillMerge account full ownership of the email account is transferred to you.

For paper correspondence you will need to scan or take a photo and email it to your new BillMerge email address.

No. We pay all invoices in full 2-7 days before due date. If for some reason there was a technical issue that resulted in late bill payments BillMerge would cover the late fees. ‘No Late Fees, Ever!’ is one of our core principles.

Any bill that is 10% higher than your budgeted amount will be paid you will be notified by text. Bills 20% higher than your budgeted amount will require a once off account top up payment or an increase to your budget amount.

Only after 1 year. Often your account will have a surplus, especially if small number of bills are received over a period of time, however that money is for expenses that have been budgeted for and will be used in the near future. If after 1 year from start date you have money leftover in your account you are free to withdraw that. That money would be from allowing extra amounts in your budget or from saving money on expenses, both of  which are highly recommended.

Log into your BillMerge account and update your budget (simply delete the relevant line item). Your new BillMerge budget amount will take effect next pay cycle. Remember BillMerge only pay invoices received into your email account so if a provider stops sending bills then we stop paying. You can tell us when you have cancelled a subscription and you should forward all account cancellation confirmations to your email account so it can be filed.

Yes, however all bills need to be paid in full and up to date prior to adding them to your BillMerge account.

Maybe not. If you have very high debt levels, multiple overdue accounts, excessive credit card debt or you’re swamped with ‘Buy-Now-Pay-Later payments then BillMerge may not be the best option for you. There is always a path out of even the worst financial situation and we recommend speaking to a financial advisor to help you plan the best way forward.

No. As BillMerge are not the primary account holder we are not permitted to speak to service providers and utility companies on your behalf.

No. Most users begin with 6-8 bills/payments and add more over time.

Yes. We have 2 saving accounts, they are located at the bottom of the budget planner.

All repayments from your savings accounts are processed within 1 working day from your request.