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Bill Description Average Bill Bill Freq Cost - Year Cost per PAY 110% - Limit 1 120% - Limit 2  
BillMerge $5.00 52 $260.00 ${{ Number(260 / pay_days).toFixed(2) }} NA NA  
$ ${{ Number(row.average_bill * row.bill_frequency).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number((row.average_bill * row.bill_frequency) / pay_days).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number(row.average_bill * 1.1).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number(row.average_bill * 1.2).toFixed(2) }}
My Savings - Short Term $ ${{ Number(st_saving_amount * st_saving_freq).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number((st_saving_amount * st_saving_freq) / pay_days).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number(st_saving_amount * 1.1).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number(st_saving_amount * 1.2).toFixed(2) }}  
My Savings - Long Term $ ${{ Number(lt_saving_amount * lt_saving_freq).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number((lt_saving_amount * lt_saving_freq) / pay_days).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number(lt_saving_amount * 1.1).toFixed(2) }} ${{ Number(lt_saving_amount * 1.2).toFixed(2) }}  
Total     ${{ total_year }} ${{ total_per_pay }}      

Terms & Conditions


Budget accurately and be honest with yourself. It is better to overestimate charges than under estimate. We recommend for variable amount bills (for example 'Electricity') allowing an extra 10% to your average bill amount.

Take note of the Bill Limits.

Limit 1 = 10% over budgeted amount. BillMerge will PAY and NOTIFY you.
Limit 2 = 20% over budgeted amount. BillMerge will NOT PAY and NOTIFY you.
Payment options for bills over 20% of budget amount:
a) Once off account top up.
b) Increase budget planner amount.
c) Payment direct outside of BillMerge

Users can make unlimited changes to their budget, which includes new bills, increases to budget amounts, decrease of budget accounts and removal of bills.

Account Cancellation

You may cancel your BillMerge account at any time. A cancellation is completed within 2 business days.
If your account has a surplus, money will be refunded to you.
If your account is in arrears, the amount owing will be taken via Direct Debit.

There are no termination fees.
You will have access to view and download your bills and correspondence for up to 90 days on the BillMerge app. After 90 days the file will be permanently deleted.
You will continue to have full access to the email account. It is your account and always will be.

Personal Information

BillMerge hold your personal information in secure servers using end-to-end strong industry standard encryption.
Your personal information and data is not shared with anybody, company or third party.

Relationship with suppliers and providers

You still are the sole account owner. Only you can communicate and make changes to your account. BillMerge has no relationship or association with your provider and can not communicate with them.

Important Final Note

BillMerge reserves to right to reject account applications.

After submitting your budget planner, a BillMerge consultant will call you within 2 business days to complete the account set up, answer any of your questions, verify your ID and set a first payment date.
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